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Private wellness

You should definitely visit during your stay in our private wellness, situated on the top floor of the hotel, with a unique view of the Stiavnica Valley


There is a whirlpool, a Finnish sauna, a place for relaxation - a seating area, a minibar.


Wellness is lockable and will only be available to you and your guests during the time of your visit.




  • Hotel guest 20€ / 60 min. / osoba

  • Visitor 29€ / 60 min. / osoba

Hot tub

For your relaxation and body regeneration, there is also an whirlpool with capacity 8-persons where the temperature reaches 35 ° C. Staying with it has a particularly beneficial effect on the human organism and helps to activate the self-healing powers of the organism.

Finnish sauna

Due to the high temperature (60 to 110 ° C) and the minimum air humidity (10-30%), the skin has better blood flow and the body temperature increases by 1-2 ° C. This improves the mobility of muscles and joints. At the same time, the impurities from the skin are washed away. Sauna is one of the most versatile hardening procedures and it is also important for the prevention of various colds.

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