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Themed parties

Period dinner at The Old Castle




The next one from exceptional offers is dinner at The Old Castle served by waiters in period clothing. Medieval atmosphere is completed by period music and other performances such as fencing duel, fire-eater, belly dancers, magicians, burning witches, etc.




Recommended program:


  • Baroque tavern - fencing theatre etude in Lapidarium (10-15min)
  • Showing guests to their seats -  period dancing, firstly: minuet
  • The feast - without cutlery
  • Period dancing - secondly
  • The feast- second course
  • Period dancing- thirdly , joint with the dance teaching for guests
  • Performance by mime or magician, according to wish
  • The feast
  • Fire program: faquir and jugglers - chains, stick, burning cords. Oriental dancing - two performances
  • During the diner period music Lucem will be playing. The night full of fun till next day.



The feast:



  • Pagáče (salty pastries) and kapustníky (cabbage cake)


First course      

  • The bread donut with ½ grilled chicken


Second course    

  • Abbatoir culinary specialities (sausages, hurka sausages, roasted ribs, meaty swiss roles and “bravčovinky”). Side dish - boiled potatoes in peel, bread donut and vegetable salads


Third course        

  • cheese plate  - parenica, oštiepok, korbáčiky, eidam and sheep cheese
  • strudel - poppy seed strudel, apple strudel, cheesestrudel
  • štedráky - moravian cakes
  • fruit plate according to menu (apple, pear, grapes, orange, banana)


Alcoholic drinks and Non- alcoholic beverages

  • wines - white (Veltín) and red (Svätovavrinecké) 0,7l
  • beer (Topoľčany) - drafted 0,5l 
  • juice
  • coca-cola
  • vinea
  • mineral water Lucka


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