Welcome to Hotel Grand Matej *** Banská Štiavnica


Team-buildings and corporate olympics

Relax for companies and the team.




Employees are bearers of knowledge and valuable assets for each company. Except  for comfortable working environment they also need a good relax to ensure their high performance. By joint activities in relaxing environment of Banská Štiavnica, employees will recharge, develop team spirit and strengthen relations. And it is a simple way to build loyalty and positive relationship to the company. 


Hotel Grand Matej will prepare an outstanding corporate event long remembered by your employees, clients or trade partners. 

  • Various team-building games aimed at communication
  • Knight Games
  • Fun Mobile Casino
  • Biking
  • Cross-country Ski Olympics
  • Gold Washing Championship
  • Corporate Fishing Championship associated with the visit of Steiger Brewery and beer degustation
  • Dog Sledding Corporate Championship




After the Footsteps of Mining by Bike



First, you will discover the magic of perfect invention, the bicycle. After, you will visit the deep mine and at the end we will prepare for you unforgettable night full of fun.



Recommended program:


1.Trip to Hodruša through mining ways


Interesting trip in the land of fading mining glory which will take around 4,5 hour. Each participant will receive a mountain bike. You will be accompanied by mountain guide who will tell you many absorbing facts about the hills.


There is also a possibility of organizing a competition in mountain biking. Participants would receive bikes and by easy trail they will go to lake Počúvadlo and back. The quickest one will be awarded. We will also provide refreshments and organize the whole event according to your wishes.



2. Visit of mine and school of gold washing


In 1690 the city area produced 29 thousand kg of silver and 605 kg of gold. You think there is nothing left? try your luck and let yourself be guided through mother of all mines, secret wells and museums and maybe you will find a piece of the treasure. Before descent to the mine you will receive a coat, helmet, lamp and afterwards you are free to enter underground where you will uncover the work of miners from the oldest times to now. 


The Tunnel of All the Saints

The mine is situated in Hodruša. It is a unique old mine which produced silver and gold for more then seven centuries until 1950s. Each visitor can experience the atmosphere of forgotten riches of the mining underground. In the tunnel you can find out many informations about various ways of mining (1,5 hour). 


Gold Washing School

If your wish was to become a gold-digger (in the positive meaning of the word), we can help you achieve it. In the garden in front of the mine, each participant can  try his gold washing skills. All the gold you find will be yours along with a special certificate. It is possible to enrich the program by a bandit attack, where you will have to protect your treasure (2,5-3 hours).


Wait until the mining “bell” ends your miner day and savor your well deserved diner with rich mining program - the Šachtág in Hotel Grand Matej***. 



3. Šachtág


The night will belong to the traditional mining šachtág. The Šachtág is a ceremony of admission to the mining order. The ceremony (jump over leather) is encompassed in pompous titles and many rules, mainly the beer codex, the observance of which is supervised by important officials like presidium, contarium and fuchsmajor.


The performance is always gaily, culinary specialities will be served and the whole time beer will play the main. For a live music you can choose between DJ or traditional cymbalo.