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Optional tours and activities




In Banská Štiavnica, it certainly isn’t possible not to know what to do with your free time. Only cultural monuments in the centre are certainly worth your attention. Hotel Grand Matej is organizing various educational trips. At the other hand, sport types will enjoy hiking for all age groups. More than 20 lakes are available for fishing or bathing. Tens of kilometres long bike routes for more capable or amateur bikers are open. 


In winter season, more than 40 km groomed routes is available for cross-country skiers. New Ski Centre Salamandra, equipped with a modern 4-seats cableway, groomed routes with artificial snowing, offers ideal conditions for downhill skiers. Near thermal springs provide perfect relax after a day spent by active sporting. 


Activity tips: strolls  through historical centre, visit of Manor House in Svätý Anton, visit of historical monuments, skiing, cross-country skiing, fishing, bathing, pottery, horse riding, hunting, wild life observing, hiking, biking, cave bath in close vicinity of Banská Štiavnica, new Aqua park Vodný Raj Vyhne or Mining Museum in Nature SBM Banská Štiavnica.


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Educational trips offer




1. Educational trip


Visit of a mine joint with gol washing


Visit of the Tunnel of All Saints


The mine is situated in Hodruša.  It is a unique old mine which produced silver and gold for more then seven centuries until 1950s. Each visitor can experience the atmosphere of forgotten riches of the mining underground. In the tunnel you can find out many informations about various ways of mining (1,5 hour).


Gold Washing School


If your wish was to become a gold-digger (in the positive meaning of the word), we can help you achieve it. In the garden in front of the mine, each participant can  try his gold washing skills. All the gold you find will be yours along with a special certificate.      


Mining “Klopačka”


Walk to the historical centre of Hodruša, where is among other things situated the baroque statue of Immaculata from year 1765 and the tower of building “Klopačka”, which was built in 1521. The oldest building of the village is roman catholic Church of Saint Nicolas- late gothic single-nave church building dated from 1387. 


Program duration: 4,5 hours

Group: at least 8 persons

Program price: 8,00 € per person

Transport is not included in price.


2. Educational trip


Tour of historical centre with a guide


The great silver riches hidden in the underground was the cause of the origin and the development of this marvelous city. Nowadays, the surface of the city concentrates large number of historical landmarks which can compete with historical towns of Germany or Austria.


Come and find out more about Štiavnica’s lizards, about why each year there is snowing on St. Peter and St. Paul, or why the clock on City’s Hall runs backwards.


In one of city’s many cafes you can listen to funny and scary stories, fables and legends about the city and its citizens. Enjoy beauties of historical centre and bring home a piece of magical atmosphere.  


Program duration:  2 hours

Group: at least 2 persons

Program price:  23,00  €/ group (depends on the number of participants)

Price includes experienced guide and a cup of good coffee in cafe Divná Pani. 




3. Educational trip


Excursion in the surroundings joint with bath


Excursion to the first slovak brewery- STEIGER Brewery (established in 1473)


Monks started brewing the first beer in Štiavnica’s hills, in the village Vyhne some five hundred years ago. From than the beer is brewing almost nonstop. During the excursion you are able to witness the main parts of brewing process. You can enjoy the result yourself by degustation of this local treasure. 


Maximilian Hell Observatory in Žiar nad Hronom


Find out more about our Solar system and through the relax music program The Earth from Near and Afar rest your busy mind. 


Cave steam bath in Sklené Teplice


Healing 42 degrees water with excessive amount of calcium and magnesium influences greatly movement and neurological disorders, restores cartilage in the whole body and fights the stress.


Program duration: half-day trip

Program price:

Steiger Brewery: from 1,70 euro/person

Cave steam bath in Sklené Teplice: from 7,00 euro/ person

Maximilian Hell Observatory: from 3,00 euro/person


4. Educational trip


Kremnica - the golden heart of Slovakia (the city was established in 1328)


We will guide you through more than seven centuries of Kremnica’s history, the city famous for its gold and gold monetization.


Kremnica is full of legends you will find out through stories. During the program you are to solve various tasks, at the end of which you may find the golden key given to all important people who have visited the city.


You will have an opportunity to sightsee - unique castle grounds, Church of St. Catherine, Museum of coins and medals and Kremnica mint - very carefully because finding the golden key depends on your attention.


Your search will be evaluated in front of the castle, in the cozy courtyard of Biely bocian wine shop with refreshments and rewards. 


Program duration: 3 hours

Group: at least 6 persons




5. Educational trip


Trip to Bojnice


Experience the day in the most attractive part of Slovakia, in the little town Bojnice. The castle of earl Pálfy, the biggest Zoo in Slovakia and beach swimming pool all concentrated in one place is the most favorite town of all slovak children. You also cannot miss the performance of falconers AQUILA.


Program duration: 3 hours

Group: at least 6 people


6. Educational trip


River Hron rafting


Rafting, canoeing or kayaking on river Hron is a nice enrichment of the summer stay. Hron is one of the most beautiful choices for rafting. The river alternates between parts of calm and weak current and stronger ones where you have to watch out for rocks or tributaries. We will arrange vessels rental, equipment, vessels transport and experienced guide, picnic, camp fire, goulash  with story telling under the ruines of castle Šášov. 


Program duration: whole day trip

Group: at least 10 persons

Program price: from 30,00 euros/ person