Adventurous game for adults.




The game is appropriate for friends and acquaintances, bachelor parties, companies, team-buildings. It is fun and creative spending of time. Support the personality development, ability to analyze and apply knowledge, improve communication and speaker skills and in the safe environment of the game lead the players to acceptance of responsibility for their actions.


Many people, once reading a good book or seeing an interesting movie, wants to experience something similar. LARP (live action role playing) is a kind of game which helps the players to project their dream to the reality. They can wake up in a land of fantasy and enjoy it with a group of friends. During the game, they are given personal character- avatar, with who they experience his inner story, through whose eyes they regard the world and communicate with other avatars- the script is written as you go. Everyone can effect the storyline of the game using his avatar. LARP players don’t play for the audience but for themselves. LARP is often similar to improvised theatre, it is rather sophisticated adventure PC game brought to reality.



How does LARP look?


It’s year 1935. Everyone is sitting in the cafe of Hotel GRAND drinking afternoon tea, glass of wine talking with friends, the piano is playing. Suddenly, the comfortable atmosphere shatters, a soldier steps inside the cafe and everything falls silent.

Rich lady invites her acquaintances (LARP participants) to hotel GRAND for a party or masquerade ball. In the event of her anniversary, she decides to grant each guest a wish, under the condition... (the plot is a surprise)


Storyline of the game will be developed right at the place, each player will be given a role which he will play live. There is always a game master, who controls the game from the inside, he is also part of the storyline. He can be announced or secret. He is to take care for the right direction of storyline. The game can be played even by 50 people or more. LARP is a live game which is so immersing that players can keep playing not for hours but for days. 


Accommodation: for a larger number of players we offer 20% discount.


Game can be connected to a weekend stay during which you can go skying, rest you body and soul in wellness or try various kinds of massages, experience workshop The Geologist, horse riding, biking, hiking and more.


Don’t hesitate and come to have some fun! 


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