Geological club oriented to education, popularization of scientific knowledge about the Earth, its history, structure and consistency in the form of experience.



We invite you to newly opened GeoClub, where you will get to know the story of stratovulcano STIAVNICA. You will find out that Banská Štiavnica is situated on the vulcano which is still active and you can take your own piece of the treasure.


Participants will attend a lecture with 20 min long document about the formation of medieval city. Banská Štiavnica is situated in caldera. Štiavnica’s stratovulcano is the biggest of its kind in the central Europe, which is the reason it seizes the attention of geologists and vulcanologists worldwide.


Each participant will receive the helmet and the equipment. Together they will explore half a kilometre long tunnel with side canals. During the trip, the participants will get to know what does the work of geologist means and that a long time ago, 5 tons of dynamite and 20 thousands detonators which could explode anytime, were always prepared in the mine.


At the end of the trip, they will be able to see the mineral veins and each participant can try the work of geologists personally- he will mine his own gemstone.


Entry to the stone-pit is possible with guide, in sturdy shoes and with personal protection equipment. The needed technical support and protection equipment is available to visitors in the place of entry, in the building marked by sign GEOCLUB. 


For treatment of your findings, the preparatory workshop is always available.


For further information, please contact us: 045/692 12 13 or by e-mail in advance.


Entry fee: 5 €/ person



Gemstone from the tunnel.


View of Štiavnica’s hills from Šahy.

This is how they could look in the past.



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