Banská Štiavnica - city of immortal love

Together forever.

You will seal your love forever by lock on the iron trellis on the Marína’s House.





Thanks to Marína and Andrej Sládkovič, thanks to hundreds of students loves whispered by the ancient walls. Thanks to secret lovers who locked their love first under the light of the moon and thanks to many others who are yet to come. 


Do you want to propose originally, strengthen your love in marriage or relationship, celebrate the crystal, silver, gold or diamond wedding? Banská Štiavnica and Hotel Grand Matej are ideal choice where you can seal your love for years to come by putting up the lock on the iron trellis on Marína’s house, the girl who experienced the great love with Andrej Sládkovič. 




The price of stay includes:


  • 2x comfortable accommodation in superior room
  • 2x breakfast to bed
  • welcome drink
  • romantically decorated room, candles, bathrobe
  • flower bouquet for the lady
  • 1x romantic 3-courses dinner with candles and bottle of champagne
  • 1x dinner
  • 1x cup of hot chocolate or excellent coffee
  • wellness for 1 hour only for you free of charge (finnish sauna, jacuzzi)
  • later check-out
  • Lock of love with engraved names. You can toss the key from lock to the fountain near Marína’s house so no one can find it again. You will receive Love certificate as a symbol of the sealing and come see the lock anytime you want. We will gladly welcome you. 

As a symbol that your  love prevailed after locking it on the trellis of love, the next time you visit our hotel, you will receive the bonus:


  • Visit after 2 years -romantic 3 courses dinner with a bottle of good wine
  • Visit after 5 years - tour of the city of Banská Štiavnica with a guide and bottle of champagne
  • Visit after 10 years - planting of a tree in Banská Štiavnica with your name and a surprise
  • Visit after 20 years - accommodation in Hotel Grand Matej free of charge
  • Visit after 30 years - celebratory dinner in the Old Castle with Lord Mayor of the city Banská Štiavnica and the owners of the Hotel Grand Matej
  • Visit after 60 years - we will prepare for you the Diamond Wedding celebration in front of the Marína’s house.



Our recommendation: relaxation massage for two, music to the romantic dinner, horse riding, romantic walk through city’s narrow streets.




Price list





Out of season: 225 € / weekend stay for 2 persons
Season: 255 € / weekend stay for 2 persons



Out of season: 1.6. - 30.9. and 1.4.  - 07.4.

Season: 1.1. - 31.5. and 1.10. - 23.12.


In case of interest in unique gift or a surprise, don’t hesitate and contact us: 0911 846 849.




Immortal love of Marína Pischlova

and Andrej Sládkovič

The story of love of poor student from Krupina and beautiful rich townsman’s daughter.




The greatest love of Sládkovič was Mária Pischlova called Marína by a nickname he gave her in his poems. He became acquainted to her through his work as a private tutor in rich households. Their love began, developed and ended in Banská Štiavnica, where Marína spend her whole life, dreamed her eternal dream. Sládkovič studied in Lyceum with small gaps from 1832 to 1840. Marína and Sládkovič didn’t take long to fall madly for each other. Although Marína wasn’t the best beauty in the city and certainly not ideal, young poet was smitten.


The first shadow fell upon young love in the spring of 1844, when Marína wrote to Sládkovič to Halle, that her family wants to marry her off to rich merchant. Andrej Sládkovič couldn’t offer her anything more than pure and devoted feelings. In the spring of 1845 the townsmen sense of morality forced Marína to accept her fate and get married to rich merchant with who she had nine children.


That was the moment Sládkovič fell apart. All his illusions and hopes crumbled like a house of cards. But to keep the most beautiful memories of her and their relationship he decided to write “Marína” - the greatest slovak poem of love. While writing he overlooked all rules and let himself be guided purely by feelings. 


She was the woman loved and loving, who even while suffering still believed. She became the symbol of love and beauty, his meaning of life. The virtues of her spirit and her appearance inspired the poet to confession of love which elevates the man above all else. Only for her he lived, only for her he breathed and all his plans were connected to her. He believed secretly that his feelings will be returned. But the reality was sadly different. 


In 1847 Sládkovič was ordained an evangelic priest and sent to Hrochoť. There he married the daughter of county’s official Antónia Júlia Sekovičová. She gave birth to his nine children of which four died during his life.